Legal Methods of Asset Protection

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Legal Methods of Asset Protection is a collection of selected excerpts from back issues of  Global Asset Protection (formerly, The Jacobs Report on Asset Protection Strategies).

This "Web-book" represents the equivalent of a condensed book on the subject of legal methods of protecting your assets from predatory lawsuits and from the lawsuit lottery. The complete book is available to our paid subscribers in the subscriber's restricted web site . There are over 200 printed pages (8.5 x 11) in the "Web book" on the subscriber's web site.

Like insurance, asset protection is something you must do before someone is ready to sue you. Unlike insurance, the methods of asset protection are constantly changing. I therefore hope you will consider a subscription to my economical online research reports to keep you up to date on the constant changes in the following methods of protecting your asets from the litigation epidemic. 

Vernon K. Jacobs 

About the author:

Vernon Jacobs is a CPA/CLU who works as a fee only tax author and consultant. He is the author of the Global Asset Protection Reports and co-author of Offshore  Tax Strategy Reports. and Asset Protection and Risk Management for Amateur Investors  He can be reached by phone at (913) 362-9667 or by fax at (913) 432-7174.

Risk Management for Amateur Investors

Part I - An Introduction To Asset Protection Planning

Part II - Legal Asset Protection Devices

Part III - Protection For Specific Assets

Further details about protecting your assets from future lawsuits 
are available in our paid subscriber's web site.

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NOTICE: This Information is intended only for educational purposes and may be regarded as controversial by some legal experts. Readers should consult with a qualified  professional who is familiar with their specific financial and tax circumstances before adopting any ideas that are discussed in this article. 

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