USA PATRIOT Act Information and Resources


This web page provides links to articles and web sites dealing with the controversial USA PATRIOT Act. If you are aware of any additional on-line resources on this subject, we would appreciate the information and web link (URL) so that we can add that information to this page. 

Please send your suggestions to editor (at) but substitute the @ sign for the (at) reference and remove the spaces. (We do this to reduce the huge amount of spam that is generated by automated programs that pick up email addreses from web sites.)

Copy of the USA Patriot Act -- This web page on the EPIC web site provides a complete copy of the act in html format or PDF format.

Electronic Privacy Information Center -- This web page provides an extensive collection of articles and links to web pages that essentially oppose the act.

Forfeitures Endanger American Rights - Analysis of the Patriot Act

Electronic Frontier Foundation Analysis of the Provisions of the USA Patriot Act -- This page provides an extensive critique of the Patriot Act with an emphasis on the impact of the act on Internet related activities.

American Civil Liberties Union Analysis of the USA Patriot Act -- This ACLU web page provides links to dozens or articles and commentry about the act and its impact on the civil liberties of the public.

Center for Democracy and Technology -- Analysis of the USA Patriot Act with a focus on its impact on computer technolocy. This site includes numerous links to other sources of information about the act.

Library Law On-Line -- Bibliography of  Patriot Act articles.

Cato Institute Article Critical of the Patriot Act

Sen. Russell Feingold (d-Wis) -- On Opposing the USA Patriot Act

Reason Magazine Article "Show Us Your Money" by John Berlau -- with comments about the Know Your Customer Rules

Compliance Headquarter article -- Board of Directors Responsibilities to Oversee the Know Your Customer Requirements of the Patriot Act

Venable LLP (Law Firm) Article About Know Your Customer Rules

Palmer and Dodge (Law Firm) -- USA Patriot Act Compliance Issues for Mutual Funds and Investment Companies

Kansas City Business Journal -- New USA Patriot Act drafts all banks in fight to combat global terrorism.

Bankers Online -- Monitoring "Suspicious Activity

Get Ready for Patriot II

A Chilly Response to Partiott II,1283,57636,00.html?tw=wn_story_related

Imbalance of Powers by Lawyers Committee for Human Rights

How the PATRIOT Act impacts you.

The SAFE Act Alternative to the PATRIOT Act.

Wisconsin politics: Patriot Act vote key to Feingold future.

Senate Panel Questions Patriot Act Uses.

Bush! administration secrecy seen as hurting Patriot Act.


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