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You offer a uniquely dispassionate and unencumbered source of tax and financial insights about international financial issues that quickly cut to the bone.
Robert Meier
Offshore Press / Offshore Tax
Strategies is one of the very FEW sources of the truth.  Just about
everything else I see promotes illegal or questionable tactics for the financial enrichment of the promoters.
Ken Guard, CFP

The Offshore Tax Boot Camp  Manual is the singularly most comprehensive treatise of offshore planning issues published in some years; doubtless, the wealth of information contained in the Manual will remain valuable well into the decade.

As a practicing CPA I  greatly appreciate the job that you're doing in unraveling the complex area that you advise us on.
 Thanks Mark Frey, CPA

I thoroughly enjoyed the Offshore Tax Boot Camp seminar. I can't remember when a 9-5 day passed so quickly. I could have stayed another 8 hours. 
Steve Reilly

Your stuff on offshore annuities is really first-rate. You should consider publishing your materials in one of the major law reviews. 

Your site is terrific. You probably would not be amazed at the number of scams that are being pushed .Thanks to you I have been able to talk several clients out of stepping into the scam abyss.
Dennis L.

I was so impressed with your "Why Go Offshore?" paper that I would like to quote it in my next newsletter. 
Terry Neal, 
The Offshore Advantage

As usual you came through with excellent info & I wanted to tell you you're doing great job.
Pat Calby (Broker/Dealer)

Thanks for writing back to me, not very many people will take the time to respond anymore. ,With a lot of people customer service is an afterthought !!
 Warmly,  Dan  C.

THANK YOU for your kindness & TREMENDOUS dedication and commitment to the area of Asset Protection.  Your hard work and writings are MOST APPRECIATED.
Kevin H.

Let   me compliment you and really encourage you for putting on the internet info that can help the uninformed and the small guy out there. You have my warm regards for your labor.
 Mr Aharon F.

I read the contents of your web sight and must compliment you on your ability to communicate in layman's terms a rather complex subject!
Charlie D.

I'm quite impressed with your website and the quality of the information and people involved.
Paul J. L.

Offshore Tax Boot Camp Seminar

 Offshore and Asset Protection Books
by Vern Jacobs

Offshore Tax Boot Camp Seminar Manual

Controlled Foreign Corporation Tax Guide

Offshore Tax Boot Camp

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Vernon K. Jacobs, CPA


Who is Vern Jacobs and why should you want to read his research reports on offshore financial strategies?
"Big Five" 
CPA Training
Life Insurance
company executive
Founding Editor of 
Tax Angles Newsletter
Tax and Financial
Software Designer
Tax Shelter Analyst
Financial Planner
Global Asset
Protection Editor
Offshore Tax Strategies co-author
Jacobs is a CPA and was an auditor with Deloitte, Haskins and Sells (in Kansas City) from 1962 through 1966. DH&S is now part of Deloitte Touche, one of the "big five".

From late 1966 through mid 1972, he was the chief accountant for Old American Insurance Co., - an insurance company with 1/2 million policyholders that was licensed in over 40 states. From 1972 through 1979, he was the V.P./Controller for the company. During that time, he developed a reputation in the industry for creative tax planning for insurance companies. While he was with the insurance company, he completed the exams for the Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) and the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) programs. 

He was the founding Editor of the extremely popular Tax Angles tax advisory newsletter for seven years, served as the Editor of The Small Business Tax Report, as the Tax Editor of the Real Estate Intelligence Report, Tax Editor for Private Practice, Consulting Editor for The Journal of Accounting and EDP, and the author of hundreds of articles published by dozens of magazines and newsletters.

While serving as Editor of Tax Angles, he developed and published one of the first tax planning software programs for micro-computers, a program to analyze tax shelters, a program to analyze divorce tax settlements and a program to analyze pension distribution options. He authored a newsletter on financial planning software and was a seminar instructor for the College of Financial Planning. He has been a featured speaker at dozens of financial and tax seminars for CFPs, CLUs, CPAs and lawyers. 

During the same time, he was frequently asked to evaluate various tax shelter investment proposals. According to the syndicators that he interviewed,  he was one of the few professional advisors who actually read the syndicator's prospectus. 

Not merely an ivory tower editor/author, he was the Senior Tax Partner in a financial planning firm for a number of years. He has been licensed to sell life and annuity products and had a series 7 license. He was a Member of the Board for the Kansas City IAFP and for the Kansas City CLU Society. However, he has chosen to work as a fee only tax advisor and no longer has a license to sell any products. He is presently a member of the American Institute of CPAs, the International Trade Club of Kansas City and is an Associate Member of the American Bar Association. 

Since 1993, he has been the Editor and Publisher of Global Asset Protection, a newsletter on international asset protection. To provide legally correct guidance to subscribers, he recruited a team of some of the most respected and experienced asset protection lawyers in the U.S. to serve as his Editorial Advisors

In January, 1999 he teamed up with J. Richard Duke (an international tax lawyer and Adjunct Professor of International Tax Law) to co-author and publish the Offshore Tax Strategies newsletter. They have collaborated on the production of a two day seminar on offshore taxes and the production of an extensive manual about international tax law.

Since serving as the Editor of Tax Angles, he has been interviewed or quoted by dozens of publications including The Wall Street Journal, Industry Week, USA Today, Forbes, Bloomberg Personal Finance, Offshore Finance USA and others.
Research Reports Written 
or co-written by Jacobs

Legal Ways to Save Taxes Offshore or Onshore
Summary of the Proposed Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2001
Controlled Foreign Corporation Tax Guide
Offshore Variable Annuities
How Can I be Sure My Money is Safe Offshore?
Asset Allocation and Tax Savings
The Passport Financial Protective Trust
 Money Laundering & Asset Protection
Get immediate Access to the above reports online and at least a dozen more in the coming year -- for just US$120 with a 100% money back guarantee of satisfaction!
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Research Reports In Progress

Offshore e-Commerce Taxation
Family Limited Partnerships (Update)
Fraudulent Transfers & Solvency (Update)
Charitable Trusts - Benefits & Pitfalls (Update)
Offshore Variable Life Insurance
Guide to Liability Insurance

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